KuiperCompagnons wins ISOCARP Award of Excellence 2013

During the annual congress of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) it was announced that an International partnership of Urban Design Firms consisting of KuiperCompagnons KC – (Rotterdam- The Netherlands), RNL (Denver-USA) and John Tang Associates (Hong Kong, China) have received the annual Award for Excellence for their innovative design of the Changxing … Continue reading

King Willem-Alexander to open HISWA’s in-water boatshow

The Netherlands’ new King is set to open the 30th edition of HISWA’s annual in-water boatshow. The boatshow will be held this year from 3-8 September in Amsterdam at the Amsterdam Marina. Look for Waterfronts NL supplier Inter Boat Marinas at Kadeplaats H 262.

Seijsener joins Waterfronts NL

We are delighted to announce that Seijsener Recreation Technique has joined Waterfronts NL as our latest supplier. Waterfronts NL participants have been working with Seijsener for decades as the supplier of Lelystad’s Batavia Harbour (with Royal HaskoningDHV as design lead) and more recently Bruinisse’s Marina Expansion (with Grontmij as design and construction lead). Seijesener is Europe’s … Continue reading

Early response and long-range efforts for flood prevention in New York

“I have studied all barrier projects around the world — and all these projects were installed only after a major event.” In The City and the Sea, Tom Vanderbilt explores the politics around early response and long-range planning for flood prevention in New York.

Waterfront part of Scotland’s big plan

As Scotland prepares for next year’s independence referendum, the Scottish government is considering the 1 billion pound development of Dundee’s waterfront as part of its vision to make Scotland a “successful, sustainable place”. Dundee’s waterfront plan is seen as both a gateway to increase tourism, and open up the region to sustainable energy jobs.  

Waterfronts NL Spring 2013 Newsletter: Focus on Flood Prevention, Rivers

This year Waterfronts NL is focusing two newsletters on the topic of flood prevention to highlight examples of our Dutch expertise which can help governments, developers, and communities prevent flooding. This Spring 2013 edition focuses on flood prevention along rivers and is available in Chinese (中国) and in English. Our Autumn 2013 edition will focus … Continue reading

Wuhan learns from Dutch expertise

Nederlands versie A delegation from the Chinese city of Wuhan followed a training program to learn about Waterfronts NL’s particularly Dutch approach to integrated water planning. The delegation of representatives from the Wuhan Urban Land Use and Spatial Planning Research Centre was hosted by Waterfronts NL founding member KuiperCompagnons for ten days. The programme included … Continue reading

Waterfront at core of New York & Boston’s city politics

With the upcoming election for New York’s new mayor, waterfront and the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy are core to the debate, and Boston’s mayor for 5-terms considers Boston’s waterfront as his legacy.

Chinese investment boosts Oakland’s waterfront

San Francisco and the bay area have seen substantial assets invested in its waterfront in recent months, and the latest waterfronts project in Oakland announced is thanks to investment from a Chinese investor. The mayor of Oakland, Jean Quan, has promised that this is the first of many developments that will result from investment relationships … Continue reading

San Francisco’s waterfront boom is prompting new ideas in transportation planning

San Francisco’s public transportation system is already virtually at capacity, and the ambitious new plans for its waterfront — including a new arena and several new large-scaled housing projects — will add further pressures. In an effort to plan ahead and bypass the effects of these developments, transportation planners in San Francisco are looking at … Continue reading

Radical new plans for Brooklyn’s waterfront in New York

A new plan for the Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment in South Williamsburg proposes a dramatic new waterfront for Brooklyn, including a doughnut-shaped building directly on the water. The new proposal increases the volume of the development, but also includes more neighbourhood-friendly uses including a mix of residential units including affordable housing, big-box retail, neighbourhood-scaled retail, … Continue reading

First waterfront development in New York since Superstorm Sandy

New York City has pressed forward with its plans to redevelop the waterfront, and the first project to break down post-Sandy is Hunters Point South in Queens. Officials of the project say that some design modifications have been made since Superstorm Sandy hit New York, but that the project always included flood-safety measures.

KuiperCompagnons, Royal HaskoningDHV, and the City of Poznan’s plan for a safe and attractive Warta river

Waterfronts NL participants KuiperCompagnons and Royal Haskoning, along with the City of Poznan in Poland have presented a development strategy to bring back the Warta river to the historical city center. For the first time in Poland, an integrated solution for water safety, spatial quality and economic feasibility have been incorporated into a single strategy. … Continue reading

A new phase of waterfront development breaks ground in Boston

Boston’s famous “Big Dig” project in the 2000s resulted in a great deal of development along the city’s waterfront, and ten years on the next phases of waterfront development are occurring. Ground broke for the construction of seven new buildings along east Boston’s Portside at Pier One. Since the economic downturn, waterfront development projects in … Continue reading

Dramatic transformation set for Perth’s waterfront

An AU$200 million contract has been awarded to begin work on Perth’s Elizabeth Quay, a project that will transform the Australian city’s waterfront with new hotel, office, and residential buildings.

New York developers making minor adjustments to waterfront development plans in wake of Sandy

It would appear that many New York developers are pressing through with their development plans for Brooklyn’s waterfront, despite public calls for a reconsideration of Mayor Bloomberg’s waterfront development plans for Zone A (areas highly prone to flooding). In the initial aftermath after Superstorm Sandy hit New York’s coastline, Mayor Bloomberg’s waterfront plans were met … Continue reading

Dutch government creating new islands for wildlife and water quality

The Netherlands is well known for being crowded, and for its water management history. From dykes controlled by windmills, through to the mega-projects in the 20th century that included turning an inland sea into the fresh water Markermeer Lake via the longest dyke in the world. In the post-crisis 21st century, many European countries have … Continue reading

New York turns to Dutch expertise for water management

A recent article in the New York Times explores what American cities can learn from Dutch expertise in water management. “In recent days, the Netherlands’ peerless expertise and centuries of experience in battling water have been widely hailed in the United States as offering lessons for how New York and other cities might better protect … Continue reading

Twenty port cities most exposed to coastal flooding

A 2007 report by the OECD identified 20 port cities most exposed to coastal flooding, with New York city in 17th place.

Superstorm Sandy brings waterfronts to the forefront of climate change debate

Last week, Superstorm Sandy struck the coast of the US’ most highly populated areas, causing widespread damage to public and private property, and bringing the climate change debate back into the minds of Americans and people all over the world. A shifting focus of building development and urban design over the last 10 years has … Continue reading