KuiperCompagnons wins ISOCARP Award of Excellence 2013

During the annual congress of the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP) it was announced that an International partnership of Urban Design Firms consisting of KuiperCompagnons KC – (Rotterdam- The Netherlands), RNL (Denver-USA) and John Tang Associates (Hong Kong, China) have received the annual Award for Excellence for their innovative design of the Changxing Island Master plan in China.

The Changxing Island Master Plan offers a viable alternative planning model that demonstrates how an alternative high-density urban strategy can be developed that balances growth with the enhancement of the coastal edge. While it’s a daunting task, the Changxing Island Master Plan seeks to promote such an alternative development paradigm that balances development efficiency with connectivity, ecology, and place-making in a way that can be easily and sustainably implemented at the regional, city, and local level.

The ISOCARP Awards for Excellence are conferred in recognition of exceptionally innovative urban and regional planning initiatives in an increasingly urbanized world. These can be awarded to a city, region or institution. Through the Awards for Excellence, ISOCARP intends to encourage and promote innovative spatial projects at different scales that have resulted in improved natural or built environment, enhanced quality of life, sustainability and resilience.


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